The Beginning

Don  Icon grew up in a loving family that grew stronger in the midst of  struggle. One of Don's cousins was challenged with children's diabetes,  one cousin was hearing impaired and two of his cousins valiantly fought  multiple sclerosis. These family challenges changed Don's life forever.

Open Eye

When Don grew up and joined  the military, he always returned home to visit the Children's Hospital  to spread love to the little warriors and their parents. As he became  more involved in the plight of the special needs community, he  discovered another community that would bring his mission full circle...  children orphaned by war and military conflict.

His Resolution

Don Icon's mind and heart would never be the  same. Instead of merely serving his time as a soldier, Don Icon vowed to  create a genre for these special needs children that he viewed as the true champions so that the world may see the daily fight they must go through, so that one day we can also be heroes for them as they are for Don

......from this  day forward, these strong willed individuals will be known as 

Special Heroes.