The Story of Team S.E.C.A.

Where It All Began

3007 A.D. – Okinawa, Japan.  A one hundred year old scientist, Professor Kawamura,  had been troubled for decades with the unnecessary “mean spirit” in  nature.  His disappointment with the state of the world drove him into  exile, in hopes of receiving a divine remedy.  His soul longed for the  day when the good in nature would prevail over this “mean spirit.”    During his treks to the village marketplace, he would often mentor a  group of 7 orphans, all seeking cures for their  ailments and better lives as well.  One hot, summer day, the Professor  became very ill, but needed to go to the marketplace for herbs.  Before  he left home, he decided to go to the lab for a dose of cough serum.   Due to his failing sight, he mistakenly ingested a serum containing the  DNA of endangered species (pandas, white tigers, lions, penguins) and  unique insects (cicadas, dragonflies, lady bugs), once revered by many  scientists and cultures.  The Professor began his journey and finally  reached the village marketplace… but he was too feeble to make it back  home.  The 7 orphans, Yusef, Su-Zen, Joey, Pablo, Kam, Kemi and Tai  helped their dying mentor home to rest.  As they stood around the bed,  smoke slowly filled the room and the Professor’s soul transitioned to  the next phase.  As they watched in amazement, his essence captured,  transformed and charged each of them with helping the good in nature  prevail at all costs.  When the smoke finally cleared, their lives would  never be the same.  Team S.E.C.A. welcomes you into their world… where 

Sci-fi Experiments Come Alive.